Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas

BICREF is undertaking regular biodiversity surveys in the Ghajn Tuffieha and Ramla Bay conservation areas in Malta and Gozo respectively in order to assist GAIA in its conservation management planning. The surveys are preceded by a voluntary training session by BICREF experienced field biologists and divers. During these training sessions various research methods and the biodiversity found in these areas are overviewed. The focus of these sessions are our coastal and marine biodiversity: how to study, assess and protect.

BICREF is very active in marine and coastal biodiversity surveys and especially in summer numerous SCUBA divers, snorkeling and sailing enthusiasts assist in its long-term marine biodiversity data collection. Biodiversity research is fundamental to BICREF as it believes many of the uncontrolled local developments and activities with negative environmental impacts may very well be the cause of misinformation, gaps in local biodiversity knowledge and lack of awareness of the importance of biodiversity to life on and around our Islands. Biodiversity research efforts may pave the way to understanding better how the incredible network of living organisms have adapted through time and will be affected by the increasing and synergistic environmental changes around us.

Any one wishing to forward their sighting report of terrestrial or marine organisms seen may do so by filling up the reporting form available in the CONTACT – Reporting menu of this website.

Also download an example of the survey reports undertaken for GAIA ngo at Ramla Bay Gozo: 

Ramla Bay Survey Report