Sighting Reports

Sighting Reports

BICREF encourages sea-user cooperation by reporting their sightings out at sea:

Local maritime entities and sea users may forward sighting information to complement the BICREF’s scientific research effort toward promoting marine conservation. Anyone wishing to forward their sighting report of dolphins or any other marine species may do so by filling up the form available in the CONTACT – reporting menu of this website. You are also welcome to upload any photographs or videos and send a communicating email to if required.

This information is vital to the ongoing Maltese Conservation Cetacean and Biodiversity Research led by Prof. Adriana Vella established in 1997 in waters around the Maltese Islands and in the Central Mediterranean Region.

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As summer approaches, BICREF has the assistance of hundreds of boats out on their excursions to hold particular attention to interesting sightings at sea and to report back.