Press Releases


The Biological Conservation Research Foundation, BICREF, continues to inspire environmental awareness and involvement of mariners   The Biological Conservation Research Group (BICREF) again gave its message to all the crews of yachts participating in the Rolex Middle Sea Race (RMSR) to keep accurate records of all their dolphin and whale sightings over the 608 nautical […]

Maltese Marine Biodiversity – is rich as it is fragile

Volunteering with BICREF – Enjoying and learning about marine biodiversity Florian LANGLET and Vicky LOUIS, Photos by: Benjamin NICOLAS (BICREF) The sea around the islands of Malta abounds with an amazing wealth of different species including marine mammals, fish, crustacean to invertebrate species. As volunteers, with the Biological Conservation Research Foundation (BICREF), to assist in […]

International Biodiversity Day: More Awareness and Actions needed

Biodiversity for sustainable development  Education, science and innovation for biodiversity conservation needs The 22nd May 2015, marked the International Day dedicated to Biological Diversity.  This year’s theme reflects the importance of efforts made at all levels to establish a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda and […]

Discovering Maltese Marine Biodiversity

Did you ever wonder what lies under those blue Mediterranean waters? When planning to take an educational internship abroad we separately picked the Maltese islands, in the centre of the Mediterranean, as being an ideal place to answer this question. Two Maltese entities which attracted us for conservation related internships and volunteer work are the […]

Turtle Rescue

Turtle Release  – lovely news after being involved in saving them The release of turtles is always greeted with pleasure and satisfaction by BICREF.    After being cared for at the San Lucjan turtle rescue section under the care of Mr. Charles Sammut (fisheries dept) and Dr. Anthony Gruppetta (vet), it is always a real joy to […]

International Day for Biological Diversity in Schools

Distribution of BICREF EcoMalta Documentaries DVDs to Schools, Upper secondaries and University The Biological Conservation Research Foundation celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity 2007 by talking with youths about the meaning of Biodiversity and the 2010 target to halt its loss, through conservation research and action. BICREF will also discuss the problems of climate […]

Fin Whales in Maltese Coastal Waters

First Scientific Record of Fin Whales in Maltese Waters   The Dolphin and Whale Research Project launched by Dr Adriana Vella in 1996 as one of her academic research projects at the University of Malta, has provided, over the years, an increasing knowledge of cetacean species presence, abundance and distribution in the central and southern […]

The CIESM JellyWatch Phase II

BICREF promotes assistance to another marine research effort   Jellyfish blooms have increasingly become a problem for swimmers, tourists, fishermen, and sea-users locally and other parts of the Mediterranean. From an ecosystem perspective, the apparent increase and synchrony of jellyfish outbreaks in both western and eastern Mediterranean basins are sending warning signals of a potential […]

Assisting BICREF’s work in 2010 and beyond

19th June 2010 in The Malta Independent   In the year of biodiversity, 2010, it is important to point out that Conservation (Science & Action) depends on dedicated and accurate work for survival of many declining wild populations. BICREF’s assistance to the long-term Maltese Dolphin and Whale Conservation Research run by the Conservation Biology Researcher, […]

BICREF’s Best Sightings Records Award Winners

BICREF – Rolex Middle Sea Race Award for BEST CETACEAN SIGHTING REPORTS The Rolex Middle Sea Race (RMSR) again contributed to the collection of valuable data on dolphin and whale sightings through its 607 nautical miles’ path taken by the 68 sailing boats’ crews. Toward promoting the conservation research and awareness of these vulnerable species in […]